Data recovery in NDG Montreal

Flat rate 199$ only

You pay only if I recover



we only charge in case of successful recovery!

Our policy of no fix no charge apply to data recovery: No Data, No Charge

Free evaluation

Each case begins with a no-obligation for the customers, our free evaluation allows our customers to know the exact problem for free.

How does it work?

Customer must leave the drive for diagnosis, usually the customer will receive a call from us within 24 to 48 hours.


We charge only 199$ for a drive up to 1 TB, additional 60 dollars for each additional Terra bite.
As a part of this extremely low price deal and in order for us to help others, the customer will leave the old defective hard drive for parts if recovery was successful.
We repair pcb boards in most cases but sometimes we need to buy one to recover the data and in case we don't have in stock. The price is around 60 Dollars.

How long should it take?

It all depends on the hard disk condition, typical data recovery should take between 24 to 48 hours, however badly damaged hard drive could take longer.


When a disk starts failing, further deterioration can be fast and it can die any moment. Subjecting it to a data recovery process straight a way may accelerate the chances of recovery.
In the case of any malfunctioning storage device, be aware of the risks associated with trying to recover the data yourself; you are likely do to more harm than good if the exact problem has not been determined.
Tips are also warnings, the first rule is Do Not Write Data into Hard Disk or Partition Where Data loss happened.
Do not turn on the hard disk, windows might write files just by turning on the computer without you knowing (create a restore point or update), or in case of bad sectors further damage might occur to the disk surface.
Data is not really lost when it can not be seen. Don't panic! we have a variety of resources for getting your data back!
Call us for consultation, we will initiates the process by assessing your data loss situation to determine the best and most cost-effective data recovery solution. We provide an overview of the data recovery process including service-level options, and review pricing options included.

important note on prevention of data loss
Before leaving a computer for repair or HDD for recovery, clients must backup their system to prevent data loss.
We can not be held responsible for loss of data resulting from repairs.


We repair HDD PCB board

Data recovery in NDG Montreal

Chip swap

Data recovery in NDG Montreal

Recovering data from HDD with burned PCB board

Data recovery in NDG Montreal

Pro Electronic tech

Data recovery in NDG Montreal

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