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You have a laptop that is dead? You asked other shops they told you the motherboard needs to be replaced? Well that's not true! Most of the motherboards can be fixed! in most cases it's only one part that went bad you just need to have the knowledge to find the faulty component and replace it. 

Back in the 90s I used to repair electronic devices like TV, VCR and stereo. For 10 years working in IT  I've seen many people that are looking to fix dead laptops motherboards and they always been told that the motherboard is dead and need to be replaced even though the problem was as simple as bad contact. most of the problems are simple, as simple as shorted capacitor or shorted mosfet.

Repairing the motherboard will save our customers a lot of money, The price of repair is a fraction of what buying used motherboard

That's why I decided to use my knowledge in electronic to help people repair their motherboards, I've bought electronic repair tools and started to repair electronic devices again. For the past 10 years I started moving back to repair electronics.

We have advanced tools for repairing laptops, thermal camera, Microscope, hot air soldering station , voltage injectors tools to detect shorts.

So if you have a dead laptop you have a good chance to repair it at much lower cost then replacing the motherboards

How long it takes to repair motherboard?

If parts are not needed usually it takes a day or two. If parts needed, we will need to order it so it can take longer depending on the part availability and location.

How much does it cost?

typical motherboard repair is between 150$ up to maximum of 300$ for high end gaming laptops.

Here is how we repair short on Dell Alienware Motherboard