Terms of our services

By bringing your device for repair or Data recovery you agree to our terms.

Repair Terms

Electronic logic boards might be unpredictable it can work now and stop later. Your device may be beyond repair or may be permanently damaged during repair attempt and rendered useless. Circuit board components can fail without warning especially on liquid damage devices where components can short circuit, oxidize, corrode and rust over time. While we will do our best to repair and save your devices we cannot be held responsible if further damage occur during repair attempt.

Repairs on devices with glued-on screens involve prying the screen to access internal components. Screens are very delicate and can crack or break during the prying process. The risk of screen breaking is minimal, but glass can break and risks do exist.
laptops, computers and electronic devices can fail without any warning.

Data Recovery, Data Transfer

While attempting Data Recovery or any other services on any electronic devices we do not guarantee the safety of your data. While we take every precaution possible to make sure the integrity of your data is unaffected, we cannot assume liability for any lost data as a result of services performed by us.

If we are aware that a procedure may result in loss of data, we will inform you of the possibility, what data may be affected, and will offer to back your data up at an additional cost. However, due to the complex nature of electronic devices, we cannot in advance predict what may happen to your data in every situation. We strongly encourage you to back up any important files and documents before you drop off a device.

Pickup time limit and leftover devices

Due to our limited storage space, we will hold on to devices for up to 30 days after we contact you to pick up your device. After the 30 days period, if we have not heard from you, we will consider your device abandoned and we will have the right to sell or recycle your device without further notice to recover service cost, storage cost and parts used to fix your device. It is the customer responsibility to pick the devices in time. We cannot guarantee that your equipment will not be discarded after the initial 30 day period, so it is critical that you pick up your equipment on time or make arrangements with us to store your equipment until you can pick it up. If you make arrangements to pick up after 30 days, You will be billed at $30 a month for storage.