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You have dead Graphics card ? You asked other shops they told you that dead graphics card cannot be repaired? Well that's not true! Most of the Graphics card can be fixed! infact in most cases it's only one part that went bad as simple as shorted capacitor or shorted mosfet can kill a board, you just need to have the knowledge to find the faulty component and replace it.

With the rise of graphics card prices, we can save the customer a lot of money by repairing the GPU instead of buying new gpu.

We have advanced tools for repairing GPU, thermal camera, Microscope, hot air soldering station , voltage injectors tools to detect shorts.

Experienced electronic technician with over 30 years of experience repairing Electronic devices

So if you have a dead GPU, you have a good chance to repair it at much lower cost then buying new one.

How long it takes to repair Video cards?

Video cards are complex, Lack of parts and Schematic diagram also add difficulties, If parts needed, we will need to order it so it can take longer depending on the part availability and location. When it comes to graphics card you will need t be patience.

How much does it cost?

Typical GPU repair is between 200$ up to maximum of 450$ for high end gaming Graphics card.


Please read

We repair dead GPU's only.

Free diagnostic and Repair attempt fees

Video cards repair is very difficult, It requires a lot of heat to desolder and solder back component and it's very time consuming. We do not charge for diagnostic and estimate but we do  charge for the repair attempt in case the customer agreed to proceed with the repair.  Repair attempt fees is 50$ for most of the graphics cards repair jobs.



We are offering 30 days warranty. If the card stopped working during the 30 days and we cannot solve it, we will refund the customer minus the repair attempt fees which covers the parts and some of the time spent.