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Laptop hinges repair

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Broken laptop repair

Special technique

Laptop hinges repair Montreal, where to fix?

You dropped your laptop and it's broken? You asked other shops they told you there is nothing to do? You came to the right place. We can fix any broken laptop, broken screen, broken hinges, hinges ripped off, broken body case and much more. We can rebuild any broken laptops from any brand. 

Over the last 30 years of working in electronic repair I've seen many people that are looking to fix broken laptops, most of the problems comes from broken hinges or hinges that ripped off either because of dropped laptop or bad quality build. most of the repair shops don't repair broken hinges, they suggest to buy new case which nearly impossible to find or very expensive.

That's why I developed simple and low cost technique to rebuild the plastics and even broken metal hinges. The results are a much stronger build that will last long even better than the original.

So if you dropped your laptop and it's broken, ripped off screen or body, don't get stressed, it can be fixed by good technician that care about his customers.

How long it should take?

The repair should be the same day or a day after.

How much does it cost

Our simple and cost effective technique allow us to repair laptop hinges for a affordable to everyone price. Usually we charge between 125$ to 150$ to repair laptop hinges.

Here is how we repair hinges